IB05: Designing with Data (Tunnel Vision)

Patrick Fogarty, Director, Norman, Disney & Young

With the plans to deliver over 30 kilometres of tunnelling by 2023 as part of a $20 billion motorway scheme, it was clear that the first stage of WestConnex needed to be at the cutting edge of delivery methodology.

A case study on the WestConnex tunnelling project involving data analysis techniques resulting in a dataset that can respond to rapid change with efficient and fast regeneration of hundreds of design documents that follow the tunnel.

Development of a geometrically accurate 3D model enabled the generation of design documentation and associated datasets. These datasets formed the basis of an asset that will used throughout the life of the project – from design to construction and throughout the operational life of the fixed asset.

The “soft” nature of the design and the information-rich model allows the generation of design related analytics enabling the dataset to be leveraged to provide value for future project schemes.

Wednesday 9th May – 13:30 – 14:30

Patrick Fogarty holds group responsibility for NDY’s offering across the firm’s operational sectors including Health, Transport, Defence, Mission Critical and Industrial. He has previously held the position of Director in NDY’s UK operation where he was integral to developing the NDY brand as a recognised leader in the delivery of world-class data centres in Europe.

Patrick has led design teams on projects across a range of sectors including key positions on international data centres, laboratory and transport infrastructure projects. He has also developed the design solutions for a range of master planning projects both in Australia and throughout Europe.

Patrick has led the incorporation of data based design techniques on a number of projects. Throughout his career Patrick has been an active proponent of “doing things smarter” from the use of the newly available desktop computing early in his career to the recent rise in the use of datasets, analytics and data science techniques to develop and optimise design.

Note: The program and timetable may be subject to change.