IB06: Australian Tech Start Up: Keeping track of your “things”

Dave Aicken, CTO, 4ID Edge

Alan Williams, CEO, Spotto (Connected Things start-up)

This session will look at Australian start-up company Spotto and their Asset Tracking technology with practical demos and forward-thinking advice on how you can give everything and every place an on-line life in your building. This session will spark ideas and challenge assumptions about the future of our buildings, and the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) that will transform our industry. 

Be a player, not a spectator, in the AI revolution around the Workplace of Tomorrow!

Wednesday 9th May 2018 – 15:30 – 16:30

Dave is the co-founder and CTO of NSW Central Coast-based IoT start-up Things in Motion, or TiM.  TiM is a software service that makes setting up long range RFID sensors, instantly seeing read results online and consuming the data into your systems easy.

He’s also the CEO of 4id Edge, a research & development company focused on the commercialisation of RAIN RFID, IoT & AI enabled solutions.

Dave has spent his last 10 years innovating in the software services space and is passionate about making everyday enterprise problems easier to solve by combining proven technologies with promising platforms. He’s excited about the potential utility that connected things can bring to the building services industry. 


Alan is the co-founder and CEO of Sydney-based IoT start-up Spotto. Spotto is a compact tag than can be placed on any object to give it a living, on-line record. It makes keeping track of your stuff simple by making any object a Connected Thing.

Alan has spent over 30 years in the computer software industry and is an active venture capital investor in the technology sector with over 15 start-up investments.

He’s also co-founder, director and CTO of BlinkMobile, a now well established cloud-based solution vendor in the app development market, and was a founding member and VP of California-based TIBCO through which he has extensive experience of real-time data solutions.

As a long-time investor in a successful Building Automation company, he’s excited about the potential for Connected Things in Intelligent Buildings.


Note: The program and timetable may be subject to change.