IB07: Flat IP Building Automation Networks – Processing at the “Edge”

Simon D. Mahoney, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Easy IO

Building Automation System networks have traditionally used “backbone” and “sub” networks.  Network communications have evolved since the late 1980’s, when all networks used RS-485 protocols, through to the current architectures where “backbones” are Ethernet.  Main controllers may be IP based, however, all other controllers reside on RS-485 subnetworks, typically BACnet MS/TP, with IP based routers.

MS/TP subnetworks, provide low cost installation, with cost effective controllers.  However, whilst controllers maybe standalone, the ability to transmit / receive large quantities of data is limited.

The trends in current building automation include building operational & maintenance analytics, machine learning energy management and the emergence of IoT devices/technologies.  All of which require significant amounts of data.

Controllers that reside on “flat IP” networks provide unique solutions to the emerging trends described above.  Requirements to provide processing “at the EDGE”, meet Enterprise networking standards, interface with traditional building management GUI servers and provide data to cloud servers using IoT protocols, is driving development of the next generation of controllers.

This presentation examines the role and benefits of “EDGE” controllers in building automation.

Thursday 10th May 2018 – 10:30 – 11:30

Simon Mahoney is Vice President – Asia Pacific for EasyIO.  He also holds the portfolio for International Global Accounts.

Simon has almost 30 years experience in the building automation industry having worked around the world, in the U.K., Australia and in Asia.

In addition to his work for EasyIO, Simon is a guest Lecturer at the University of Sydney teaching Intelligent Building Management Systems on a Masters course and is a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.




Note: The program and timetable may be subject to change