PD01 Next-generation fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) tools, smart buildings and innovation in HVAC

Dr Josh Wall, Research Leader – Intelligent Building Controls & Grids & Energy Efficiency Systems research programme, CSIRO

Dr Stephen White, Energy Efficiency Domain Leader, CSIRO

Panel members:

Phil Cowling, Head of Development & Sustainablity, Cromwell Property Group

Arne Hansen, Building Technology & Data Strategist, Buildings Evolved

There is a lot of talk about big data, machine learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other digital innovations.  Applications include Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, Smart Cities etc.  This session will unpack some of the latest research and perspectives on the potential of data and digital innovation in Smart Buildings.

Presentation: Low Carbon Living CRC Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) solutions showcase – Dr Josh Wall

With numerous commercial offerings and delivery models for Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) solutions available in the Australian market, it is often difficult for end users to determine which solutions offer the most value when considering factors such as implementation cost, ease of use, energy savings, improved maintenance practises and outcomes, and ultimately the improved comfort and productivity of the building occupants. CSIRO will present the latest findings from real-world FDD case studies in commercial buildings (offices, airports, museums, and retail), involving a range of Australian service providers. An overview of emerging predictive maintenance tools and techniques for commercial buildings will also be provided, including automated methods for detecting degradation of physical system performance, and estimating future failures.

Panel Forum: What do we want from a smart building? – moderated by Dr Stephen White

A panel of potential users of building data will provide their perspective on data applications and services that could add value to their business, in a panel Q&A format.

Panel members:

Phil Cowling, Head of Development & Sustainablity, Cromwell Property Group

Arne Hansen, Building Technology & Data Strategist, Buildings Evolved

Presentation: i-Hub, Mission Innovation, and smart buildings research – Dr Stephen White

Australia has committed to participate in the international “Mission Innovation” initiative to accelerate global clean energy innovation and to make clean energy widely affordable. The proposed Affordable Heating and Cooling Innovation Hub (i-Hub) is an Australian response to the respective international MI innovation challenge.  The findings of the recent Australian PRIME industry consultation process have resulted in an open data platform proposed to accelerate smart buildings research and overcome the barrier of poor data access.  This presentation will explain the Mission Innovation initiative and invite companies to collaborate on Smart Buildings innovation.

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Dr Josh Wall is the leader of the Intelligent Building Controls research area under the CSIRO Grids & Energy Efficiency Systems research programme.

Josh has more than a decade of experience with state-of-the-art R&D in energy efficiency and demand management technologies with a particular focus on advanced HVAC&R system controls and automated fault detection and diagnostics in commercial and residential buildings.

Dr Wall is a member the ASHRAE technical committee TC7.5 – Smart Building Systems in the United States. He contributed to AIRAH Australian Best Practice Guideline for Controls (DA28), and was awarded the AIRAH Future Leaders award in 2010. Josh obtained his Ph.D and combined Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degrees from the University of Newcastle, Australia.



Adj. Prof. White has over 25 years experience in solar airconditioning, energy end use efficiency, and electricity industry demand side management.  Dr White leads CSIRO’s Energy Efficiency research and is a Program Leader in the Low-Carbon-Living Cooperative Research Centre. 

He has played a leadership/advisory role in a number of organisations including the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air-conditioning and Heating (AIRAH), the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the International Energy Agency SHC Task48 “Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling”. 

Dr White also oversees energy efficiency modelling software used for regulating the residential construction industry under the Australian National Construction Code. His research has resulted in award winning solar cooling demonstrations, the world first AS5389 Technical Standard for Solar Heating and Cooling and IP commercialization through a number start-up companies. He is a member of the Australian Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) “Hall of Fame”.


Arne is a creator of digital strategies for technology and data in the built environment. The goal is to provide high quality user experiences for all stakeholders; be they visitors, tenants, facility managers, sustainability and corporate governance, finance and property accounting, amongst others. Arne has worked with large property portfolios, government and industry to optimize the delivery of data to inform decision making processes for well over a decade, with a background in electrical integration, controls and IT.





Philip is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in building development, design and facilities & property management in Australia and the United Kingdom. Before joining Cromwell, he undertook roles as a consultant working on a range of projects for clients including QIC.

As Director of Cromwell Projects and Technical Solutions, Philip is responsible for the management of all new development projects and major renovation projects across the portfolio. Philips team are also responsible for the development and delivery of the Groups capital works strategy.

Philip’s other responsibilities include the technical due diligence on acquisitions and managing the Groups global sustainability and energy policy.

Philip has been involved in over $5 billion of property acquisitions for Cromwell in Australia and Europe as well as delivering over $1 Billion in major projects and capital works.



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