SM04: Sydney ICC Central Energy Case Study

Shane Durkin, Engineering Services Manager, A.G. Coombs Group

Michael Dagher, Technical Director – Buildings, AECOM

Barry Abboud, National Sales Manager, Engineered Systems – Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls

Facilitator: Eoin Loughnane, Project Director, AECOM


A case study highlighting the unique features of Sydney ICC’s central energy plant. Presentations will be delivered by the lead consulting engineers and contractors behind the $1.5 billion redevelopment. The session will explore challenges faced throughout the project and key lessons learnt. Presenters will provide details on performance levels achieved in the last 12 months and reflect on whether the project has delivered on expectations.

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Behind-the-scenes tours of Sydney ICC’s central energy plant are available – please book separately via session code ST01 or ST02 CLICK HERE


Shane Durkin is the Engineering Services Manager for A.G. Coombs in the projects business.

He has over 20 years’ experience in estimating, engineering, documentation, procurement, installation and commissioning in the HVAC industry. This experience extends across projects ranging from Large Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Public Buildings

Shane has had extensive experience in the management of engineering on projects to take client requirements and develop these into workable solutions. This experience extends a pragmatic approach across projects to integrate tested engineering principles with new applications and equipment. It also brings expertise in the documentation and delivery of building services including, thermal comfort, mechanical ventilation, energy management, application automatic controls and smoke hazard management.

Michael Dagher has over 30 years experience in all aspect of design, construction and supervision of new and existing premises providing accommodation to mission critical, commercial, industrial, health, pharmaceutical, residential, hospitality, entertainment, retail, IT and educational premises. Heavily involved with skills development and training of office staff and responsible for the Preparation & Implementation of Engineering Quality Assurance Procedures. AECOM Australia and New Zealand National Mechanical Buildings Engineering leader driving change and technical excellence through application of smart technology, knowledge sharing and consistency of approach.

For ICC Sydney, took the lead design role for the mechanical services from initial bid phase all the way through to final delivery and along the way worked collaboratively with the wider team addressing challenges around thermal comfort and energy efficiency including the Central Energy Plant.

Barry Abboud has actively participated in the HVAC industry for more than 20 years, and has worked on many projects across Australia and New Zealand.  Most notable projects include Barangaroo; the largest series counter flow project in Australia with direct sea water heat rejection, and Sydney Opera House, a complex plant utilising series counter flow and series parallel arrangements combined with heat recovery and indirect sea water heat rejection.  Barry also worked on the Darling Harbour Live development, delivering an optimised combination of a low load series counter flow pair combined with two main load pairs, with variable flow chilled water and condenser water pumping arrangements.  Barry currently holds the position of National Sales Manager, Building Technologies and Solutions, at Johnson Controls Australia. Barry is an AIRAH Member, LEED Accredited Professional (AP), and holds an EMBA from AGSM, and BE (Hons) from the UNSW.



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