SM05: Cold Hard Facts 3 – Measures of Change

Michael McCann, Managing Director, ThinkWell

Cold Hard Facts 1 (2007) and Cold Hard Facts 2 (2013) were seminal works, gathering together data from across the RAC industry and, for the first time, providing a reference point for industry and policy makers to understand the full scale, extent and national economic relevance of this industry.

CHF3 will be published in early 2018, and with the benefit of the metrics from the two earlier editions, will illustrate both the continued growth and increasing relevance of the industry to the national economy, but will also provide segment by segment rates of change, revealing the impact of the main technological and regulatory drivers that are shaping the industry, and the response of the market has bought to these forces.

The underlying CHF3 stock model that has been developing since 2006 is now a tremendously sophisticated modelling tool for forecasting changes to the stock of equipment and refrigerant gas markets in Australia.

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Michael McCann has been a consultant on energy and greenhouse programs, policy and practice since 1991. He has been involved in projects covering many aspects of residential and commercial energy efficiency, equipment energy efficiency, renewable energy, fuels and emissions, and alternative fuels with both Federal and State Government agencies, and with industry.

Among other things, Michael’s work in the last decade has involved economic and regulatory assessment and provision of advice and support to Government on aspects of the MEPS programs for appliances and equipment, including running testing programs for and advising on regulation of computer energy use, and on commercial HVAC and air-conditioning systems. He has worked extensively on the issues of peak demand management. The last ten years particularly has included extensive research and analysis in HVAC&R, synthetic greenhouse gas markets, supply chains and end uses and commercial energy efficiency.



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