SM07: Building Regulations/NCC2019 – What’s in Store

Dr Paul Bannister, Director – Innovation and Sustainability, Energy Action Projects & Advisory Services

Major changes have been proposed for Section J (Energy Efficiency) Volume 1 of the NCC for 2019.  These changes include significant increases in stringency across many aspects of building design including: glazing; infiltration; chiller, boiler and cooling tower efficiency; fan system efficiency; pump system efficiency; outside air treatment; and lift energy use.  Changes to verification processes have also been proposed including the adoption of NABERS and Green Star simulation methods as acceptable verification pathways.  This presentation will provide a background to the intent of the changes, the detail of new and modified measures, and the projected impact upon building performance.

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Dr Paul Bannister is an international authority on energy efficiency in the built environment.  Over a 25 year career in the sector he has undertaken hundreds of energy audits, been involved in scores of upgrade projects many of which have achieved energy savings in excess of 50%.  Paul is also well known for his role as the primary technical author of the NABERS Energy and Water ratings for offices, hotels, shopping centres and data centres.  Most recently he has led a major project to upgrade the National Construction Code, with potential whole-building savings identified of up to 49% relative to current Code.  Paul is currently working on projects in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  He has over 100 publications in the field of energy use and the built environment. 

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