SM08: Air Tightness and Building Standards

Sean Maxwell, Technical Manager, Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd

In coming years, the National Construction Code, Green Star, and other standards in Australia are expected to place increasing emphasis on building air tightness. That is because it consistently ranks among the most cost-effective measures to maximize the energy performance, occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and durability of buildings. Testing with a fan pressurization system is required by many advanced building codes and standards across the world, and Australia will eventually follow suit. With a focus on commercial construction, this session will explore how Australian projects can reap the significant rewards of envelope quality control with a blower door – how to specify for air tightness, how to ensure it during construction, and how to test for it at the end. It will also review the latest developments in the NCC and Green Star and offer advice for making the most of coming opportunities.

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Sean Maxwell is Technical Manager with Pro Clima Australia, a manufacturer of high-performance building membranes and seals. He is a member of ASHRAE and the AIRAH Special Technical Group in Building Physics and has led trainings in Australia on the Fundamentals of Building Science. Through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program, he has published original research into ventilation and air tightness of high-rise multi-residential buildings. His driving passion is the organisation and elevation of Australia and New Zealand’s community of building diagnostic professionals. He is Australia and New Zealand Scheme Manager of the international Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association and is a national authority on the practice of building air tightness testing.

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