SM09: Applications and market trends regarding natural refrigerants: How does Australia and New Zealand stand in comparison with the rest of the world?

Caroline Rham, Business Development Manager Australia & New Zealand, schecco

Session will provide an overview of the applications of natural refrigerants highlighting market trends in Australia. The presentation will focus on how policies and advancements in technology are impacting the refrigeration and air-conditioning markets, leading to a rapid increase in using environmentally and friendly energy efficient technologies. Discussions will explore policy initiatives that are influencing the global adoption of natural refrigerants as the way to go forward. The session will also focus on the growing trend of “low charge ammonia” refrigeration in both commercial and industrial systems.


Caroline Rham holds a Phd in Chemistry, a master in Engineering Measurement Systems and a MBA Business and Marketing. Caroline worked over 15 years for global leaders in the the safety, gas émission control, energy supplier and refrigerants businesses in France and in Asia Pacific. In Australia, while working with a leading gas supplier, she launched R744 with a low moisture content in 2010. Today she is the Business Development Manager with shecco in Australia and New Zealand. Caroline actively promotes natural réfrigerant innovative technologies as the way to go forward.




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