SM12: Positive Impact of HFO’s in Refrigeration

Robert Kebby, Global Business Manager – Refrigeration, Honeywell Refrigerants

Increased awareness of the impact of refrigeration and air conditioning on the environment continues to change the way we think and act when making decisions for the future of our industry. The main change is being driven via increased regulations, however the industry is also tracking a parallel path to improve the overall performance of refrigeration systems through innovative use of the latest technology.

Business is beginning to realise that the overall environmental impact of a refrigeration system is more important than the lowest GWP of the refrigerant. Consultants, OEM’s and retailers are becoming increasingly aware of how a combination of new architectures and ultra-low GWP hydrofluro-olefins (HFO’s) can help reach ‘self-imposed’ environmental targets – such as leak reduction, improved energy efficiency, safety, reliability and maintaining the simplicity of the refrigeration systems.

The session will provide the audience with a clear understanding of how HFO’s combined with diverse refrigeration architectures are already positively impacting the industry, through improvements in; energy efficiency, refrigerant charge / leak reduction, total cost of ownership and reduced overall environmental impact. Case studies on end-users who are experiencing challenging economic conditions and have chosen to primarily focus on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of refrigeration, will be examined.

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Robert is the Global Business Manager (Refrigeration) for Honeywell Refrigerants. Robert began his working life in the Installation & Service of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment in North Queensland and now has over 36 years’ experience in the refrigeration industry. He moved from the tools into a career in Technical Sales and then Product and Marketing Management in Heat Exchangers, working for Kirby Refrigeration. In 1997, Robert moved to the UK where he worked as a Product Manager for a major refrigeration wholesaler NRS / Climate Center for about 8 years, before progressing to a position as Sales Director (UK & Ireland) for compressor manufacturer Emerson Climate Technologies (Copeland) where he worked for 7 years. His current role with Honeywell Refrigerants began in April 2012, where he has been responsible for the introduction and commercialisation of lower GWP, HFC & HFO refrigerants, with a primary focus in the Food Retail /Supermarket sector.



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