SM21: Soft Landings Case Study: A game changer for the Australian Building Services industry


Steve Hennessy, National Manager Sustainability, WT Consultancy

Phil Cowling, Director, Cromwell Property Group

Building excellence should not stop when a building is handed over. Unless properly addressed, operational issues can degrade a building and its services, and the original design intent can be lost. This can manifest itself in higher energy usage, a failure to maintain comfort conditions, and less satisfied occupants. Implementing a ‘Soft Landings’ strategy ensures the transition from construction to occupation is ‘bump-free’ and that a building’s operational performance is optimised.

Originating in the UK, the Soft Landings concept has been adopted in Australia, with Green Star allocating it ‘Innovation Challenge’ status. A case study involving a 30,000m2 office development in the ACT will be critiqued during this session outlining valuable lessons learnt and some surprising outcomes. Authors of the Australia and New Zealand Soft Landings Framework will also provide an update on the principles of Soft Landings, including how it can be a ‘game changer’.

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Stephen Hennessy is a building services engineer with extensive experience in deriving better performance from new and existing buildings. He has authored a broad selection of technical papers and publications relating to building services and delivered keynote presentations at industry and professional forums over many years.

Having been a Director of a number of engineering companies, Stephen now devotes his time to team leadership with a particular focus on building upgrades, improvements, commissioning and better building performance.

Stephen was a key author of the ‘Soft Landings Framework Australia and New Zealand’ and is presently serving as Soft Landings Facilitator on two large commercial office projects.

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