SM22: Integrated Cooling System: a freezer & coolroom application integrating solar PV with thermal energy storage & a high efficiency CO2 only system.

Julian Hudson, Managing Director, Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Results of a demonstration project integrating solar PV with thermal energy storage and a high efficiency CO2 only system in a freezer & coolroom application. The results will demonstrate the cost savings of using a high efficiency CO2 only system to freeze a low temperature Phase Change Material (freezers & melts at -6C) overnight, allowing the main CO2 units to be switched off during the daytime. Use of the stored thermal energy from the ice produced overnight avoids peak electricity charges. System design also allows for excess solar PV to be used during the daytime to further increase energy efficiency. New high efficiency CO2 only system design provides proof that CO2 only systems can run at high efficiency even in high ambient conditions over 40C.

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Julian Hudson has over 30 years’ experience in the design, construction, manufacturing and installation of commercial and industrial refrigeration plant and equipment. Julian is CEO of Glaciem Cooling Technologies; a South Australian company developing sustainable Integrated Cooling Systems for the global market.  Through an extremely robust research and development arm which includes extensive collaboration with the University of South Australia’s Barbara Hardy Centre for Low Carbon Living, Glaciem’s focus is to provide refrigeration technology that eliminates the need for synthetic refrigerants, provides end users extensive peak load management and energy storage options, and maximises the impact of sources of renewable energy such as photovoltaics.



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