SM23: Real time air quality monitoring

Jeremy Stamkos, Director, AMR Live

In the past, a building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) was generally not public knowledge and occupants needed to rely on others to ensure that IAQ was at acceptable levels. This presentation asks the question, if tenants or occupants had immediate access to live IAQ data, what would the outcome be?

New low-cost, technology has emerged providing accurate, wireless, real-time IAQ monitoring solutions. Units now on the market can monitor IAQ and indoor environment quality (IEQ) parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particles, volatile organic compounds, light and sound levels, and make the results available live in real time, via APPs or web portals. Whilst predominantly designed for domestic use, these IAQ/IEQ monitors are finding their way into work places and the results are being published directly to various public social media platforms.

This presentation discusses how this new technology will impact on building and business owners as well as property managers. The relationship of indoor air quality monitoring to building rating tools will be outlined and the issues with turning data from the sensors into information that can be applied practically, will be explained via real-world examples.

The tensions and interactions between IAQ, energy and productivity will be discussed; including the impact energy-saving-technology has had on IAQ and worker productivity. The importance of understanding the accuracy and limitations of the technology will also be highlighted.

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Jeremy Stamkos is CEO of AMR Live.  Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience in the identification and rectification of contamination in built environments.

 Jeremy is currently AIRAH’s nominated representative for Development of Australian Standard for Indoor Air Quality –Selected Pollutants and is the Indoor Air Quality Technical Working Group Coordinator IAQAA. He presents frequently on Indoor Air & Environmental Quality, microbial contamination and HVAC hygiene.








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