SM24: Safety In Design – Do you Understand the Risks?

Warwick Stannus, Group Engineering Manager, A.G. Coombs Group

Safety-in-design is an important issue for building services designers and facility managers. Throughout Australia, under the Commonwealth WHS Act 2011 and in local jurisdiction, there is a clear onus setting out the duty of designers to ensure that built outcomes are without risk to the Health & Safety of the persons who;

  • use the product/plant
  • construct the product/plant
  • decommission the product/plant
  • manage, operate and maintain the product/plant

This clearly affects designers and anyone in a role that instigates or manages works throughout the building’s life cycle. Whilst the responsibilities from a legal perspective are clear, albeit not well known, the practicalities of discharging safety in design responsiblities can be complex.

This presentation will focus on the risk-management process and deliverables required to meet safety-in-design regulations, using real world examples. It will address a number of common safety-in-design issues related to maintenance access and outline how to avoid being left with legacy safety issues.

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Warwick Stannus is the Group Engineering Manager of the A.G. Coombs Group of Companies and has had a career focus on central plant upgrades, data centres and commercial refurbishment projects. In recent years he has been heavily involved in the delivery of Independent Commissioning Agent services working on a number of Australia’s leading Green Star projects developing valuable experience in best practice sustainable design and project delivery. With a background in both the consulting and contracting sides of the construction industry, Warwick has a strong understanding of the requirements to successfully implement integrated project delivery strategies.

Warwick is also BIM-MEPAUS Engineering Director. The BIM-MEPAUS initiative has the aim of facilitating the implementation of Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery within the Australian Construction Building Services Sector.


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