Visitor Testimonials  (Obtained via anonymous survey held during ARBS 2010)

  • "ARBS was well presented could not have asked for anything further”
  • “I found that you covered well all aspects of the industries that service our needs.”
  • “I saw everything I would have liked to have seen for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.”
  • “All products and services were well represented - didn't find anything missing. Great overall coverage.”
  • “The areas that I was interested and the people I wanted to meet were well represented”
  • “They were all there, I just did not allow myself time to get to see them all.”
  • “All bases were covered in relation to my business.”
  • “Good representation all round”

Exhibitor Testimonials 

(Provided anonymously for ARBS 2012 exhibition)

  • “The quality of attendees seemed quite good this year”
  • “Well organised, great show”
  • “Good communication; well planned marketing activities”
  • “An excellently organised and conducted event”
  • “This is ARBS I believe had a much more higher calibre of visitors and I thought presentation and running of it was the best ARBS I have attended”
  • “Very comprehensive show with all aspects of HVAC & R on display and many willing exhibitors”
  • “Generally speaking we were very impressed. Good amount of traffic through, well operated and larger than we anticipated”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the show, and the communication throughout was excellent”
  • “An excellent, well administered exhibition for showcasing our specialist products. We were pleased with the overall visitor numbers, and with the quality and number of enquiries that we received”

(Provided anonymously for ARBS 2010 exhibition)

  • “Well run, and successful event. Well done!”
  • “This was our first time entry we will be attending again”
  • "Could not be better. We do a number of shows and no one does it as well as ARBS”
  • “It was one of the better Exhibitions we have been to”
  • “An excellent show. Very well organised. Good cross section of trades. Great location”
  • "Well organised. It is a true global exhibition in terms of quality”
  • “Worthwhile and well organised”
  • "We felt it was the best ARBS we had attended the quality of customers was good and the organisation of the exhibition ran very smoothly”
  • “Excellent event”
  • "First time for me and yet am not sure if it was a success for us but I will be at the next one”
  • “Well organised”

ARBS 2014

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