The 15 ~ 200kw Air Conditioning rooftop package (OPA_2100_EcoULTRA) is specifically designed to target dew point temperature utilising EC technology for energy conscious clientele. Traditionally air conditioning is controlled solely on temperature however our product is unique as it also focuses on moisture content in air leading to precise cooling applications.

The unit’s equipped with 4 refrigeration systems two of which contain a hot gas reheat coil. BLDC inverter driven compressors and EC permanent magnet fans are standard features. An Onboard unit controller communicates over modbus protocol to all the major components.

The control offers a unique approach based on an intuitive algorithm that adjusts compressor speeds as the room load changes. This approach plays perfectly to part load efficiencies by drastically reducing the energy demand on the building and improving comfort conditions due to curbing out extreme high and low temperature fluctuations when a unit is running to meet the target setpoint.

In addition, the controller has pre-selected optimisation modes that are designed to suit different climates and applications. By tailoring the control strategy based on the climate and application, the unit can adjust and perform at its desired optimum. In addition the unit is availble in R32, the first 200kW unit with this option to provide lower GWP solutions to our customers.



The Shepherd Filters solution is revolutionary within the Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation market by making it smarter, cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly.

As opposed to metal kitchen grease filters that only stop 20-40% of grease vapours from entering the hood, Shepherd Filters capture up to an impressive 98%! This reduces the grease build-up that enters the plenum, ductwork, fans, and roofs dramatically and therefore minimises the risk of catastrophic fires.

Quick, easy to install and disposed of in seconds, changing Shepherd Filters is a welcome alternative to degreasing filters. With grease build-up heavily reduced between cleans, instant savings are made to:

  • Labour/contractor costs associated with metal grease filters and exhaust systems
  • Reduced frequency and complexity of kitchen duct cleans
  • A reduction in water usage and harsh chemicals to maintain a clean kitchen exhaust system; and
  • Cleaner rooftop fans, HVAC and other extraction equipment, resulting in efficient operation, less maintenance and energy savings.

Duct cleaning contractors benefit through the opportunity to work better hours under safer conditions, all whilst earning the same money or more.

Shepherd Filters are made from 100% wool, a renewable resource, the filter media is carbon-neutral and will break down in landfill.



The DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System is redefining our industry with a plug and play remote system for commercial walk in and reach in cold rooms. DC-3 has a speed-controlled BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Scroll Compressor), serial data connection between all major components and advanced algorithms to provide more than 25% energy savings over other good quality on/off systems. DC-3 also smooth lines storage temperatures to maintain perishable goods quality and extend product shelf life. DC-3 is sold as a kit to benefit all parts of the supply chain and is the first system of its type in the world for the commercial refrigeration industry. DC-3 brings benefits previously only available to higher cost industry to the commercial cold room sector. Australia has around 260,000 commercial cold rooms making the potential energy savings and CO2 emission reductions of DC-3 enormous.