Abraham is being nominated based on his work and passion to improve the national HVAC&R industry standards for operating theatre HVAC practices.  One of his outstanding outcomes is the foundation of the AIRAH Special Technical Group – Infection Control and Operating Theatre Practices that today combines a multidisciplinary group of members across Australia not only involving HVAC&R professionals, but also healthcare organisations, universities and state health departments.

Abraham has over 12 years of experience in the HVAC&R industry as mechanical engineer.  Since 2012, he has been working with critical HVAC within the healthcare sector, specifically the operating theatre HVAC and infection control; he has acquired his knowledge during several training sessions in Europe (Germany and Italy) with key professionals in this sector and with multidisciplinary meetings and conferences here in Australia.

Currently, he is an active member of the AIRAH Victorian Division Committee and the elected Chair of the AIRAH STG.  Additionally, Abraham is a current member of the NEXTgen (Young leaders) program of Standards Australia 2018-2019 and “on the day” volunteer” for TEDxMelbourne since 2017.  Abraham is currently developing further advanced training with Standards Australia for future Standards Australia committee chairs.

Simultaneously Abraham has been working on the movement of building bridges between the healthcare sector and the HVAC institutions to empower the commitment to work together to reduce surgical site infections and to promote the awareness of the antibiotic resistance issue.



Grace plays a “Full house” hand, excelling with a combination of technical & engineering proficiency, soft skills and commercial accumen. She has already demonstrated success and leadership qualities in all three areas.

Grace was a key technical coordinator behind the recent updates to the NCC 2019 energy efficiency requirements (Section J). She led a large interdisciplinary team conducting research, energy modelling and economic analysis in the fields of building fabric, lighting and HVAC systems.

She has become a voice for the building services industry, presenting at various seminars, roadshows and conferences across the country to educate and promote NCC Section J-2019.

Grace has also helped to establish DeltaQ Pty Ltd, a new energy efficiency consultancy based in Sydney and Canberra. In her relatively short time at DeltaQ, Grace has been instrumental in delivering major projects in the fields of strategic energy management planning and government policy.

All things considered, including an approachable nature and commitment to integrity, Grace already exemplifies the building services engineering profession and is on track to be a future leader in the industry.



Chris started CopperTree Analytics Australia in 2015 with the vision of Building Analytics becoming the industry standard for facility management, maintenance and tuning. Chris has acted as the Director of CopperTree Analytics Australia since inception and has been a key part of its growth in the last 4 years, with the implementation of Analytics in over 140 buildings. CopperTree’s growth has been the result of continual development and market education driven by Chris. He is passionate about Building Analytics and is continually working with building owners, maintenance providers and consultants to improve how analytics is used in the industry. With his background in BMS maintenance and consulting he is adamant that Analytics has the potential to revolutionise the way we mange buildings.

Chris has been heavily involved with AIRAH and looks to give back to industry wherever he can. Chris has presented and several Conferences and has been a key member of the ‘Big Data/Analytics Special Technical group’ which he was recently appointed chair. Chris was also involved in writing the new DA19 maintenance manual for AIRAH, the DA19 manual is a HVAC maintenance guideline that is used in a majority of maintenance tenders.