Steve Smith is known to most people involved in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. He has been in all things training whether you are a fellow teacher where you may have met him as he delivered the Train the Trainer courses on hydrocarbons around the country or you may have met him as he stood up in front of class or workshop training the many thousands of apprentices to not only become better tradespeople but also better members of society. Steve’s passion for his industry is evident in all activities that he undertakes.


John graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Bendigo Institute of Technology in 1973.

His career in the industrial refrigeration industry using ammonia, has spanned 45 years, the last 20 years of which John was General Manager and CEO of Gordon Brothers, Australia’s pre-eminent ammonia refrigeration manufacturer and contractor.

John has been involved with the US based Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI) since 1987 and has been a board member since 2014.

He has been involved with the Ammonia Energy Association since 2012 and has been the Chair of AEA Australia since 2017.

John is:

Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia (FIEAust)

Fellow of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating (FAIRAH)

Board member of the Ammonia Safety and Training Institute (ASTI)

Chair of the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) Australia.


Mike’s involvement with Building Services Engineering started almost sixty years ago.

He became an active member of the local CIBSE Region, becoming the Vice Chairman and then Chairman in the 1980s.

Mike continued this involvement when he moved to Australia in 2000 and joined CIBSE ANZ Western Australia (WA) Chapter, and the WA panel of SBSE (Eng. Aus). He became the CIBSE WA Chapter Chairman and then took on the role of CIBSE ANZ Regional Secretary, a position he kept and developed through to 2015.

Throughout this time, Mike worked tirelessly to encourage deeper and wider knowledge of building services and information exchange between the various WA engineering institutions by providing technical sessions, social events and seminar events open to everyone with an interest.

In addition to the above, Mike’s other interests have ranged from being a qualified FA Referee to being intimately involved with the relocation and building of a fishing village in Sri Lanka that had been wiped out by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

Our industry gains a huge amount of strength through the efforts of its many volunteers, who willingly take on this work and carry it out diligently day after day, year after year. Mike Garton has been an outstanding contributor to our industry; a proud CIBSE Member that has gone well beyond the call of duty.


Alan Channells has served the refrigeration and air conditioning industry with distinction for nearly 50 years: he is well-credentialed and AREMA is proud to nominate him for the ARBS Hall of Fame.

Alan started his career as a Qantas Ground Engineer in 1967 before moving on to Repco-Bohn as a Product/Design engineer.  He then moved on to Applications/Engineering Manager, all the while instructing new members of the trade as a part-time lecturer for a Refrigeration Mechanics Trades Course.  In 1981, he became Temperzone Australia’s Managing Director and oversaw the development of a Sydney-based manufacturing facility.  In 1985 he became Managing Director of Temperzone internationally, a role he served in until 2020.  Over that period, amongst many other achievements he received the H.E. Terry Memorial Prize, has been an AIRAH member since 1976 and was a member of the Air-Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Advisory Committee to the Federal Government.

Alan has also been integral in the development of AREMA.  He has been an active member from 1985 to 2020 and in that period he has served as President and Treasurer.  A long-standing member of AREMA’s Executive Committee, Alan will be missed as he steps away from his role with AREMA.


Michael is a recently retired business leader who has demonstrated a passion and willingness to advance the industry by contributing his knowledge and experience in various capacities whilst engaged with AMCA NSW.

As CEO of Beaver Air Conditioning Pty Ltd, the company enjoyed solid growth over the years and the Service team grew from 7 employees in 1988 to a substantial team of 125 in 2018.  Along the way Michael identified many opportunities to benefit not only the company but the industry as well – one such initiative was the Beaver Air Apprenticeship programme for Refrigeration Mechanics which continues today & now includes Sheet Metal & Drafting.

Beaver Air Conditioning Pty Ltd has been a loyal member of the AMCA NSW since 1971.  Michael Crook was a Board member from 1998-2018, including a stint as Director, was Vice-President in 2007/08 and held the position of President for a two-year term between 2009 and 2010.  These roles included a very active involvement in many training initiatives such as the Development of Trade Licensing, the Service Manager’s Course, Essential Services Maintenance Course and Management Development Training.

Michael’s contributions have certainly led to the advancement of skills & capabilities for many in the industry.