Product/Service Excellence Award 2016

PlantPRO – Conserve it

PlantPRO® is the first complete chiller plant efficiency and optimisation solution.

PlantPRO® is designed to provide control of the Chiller Plant System in a way that delivers efficiencies beyond that of the individual components. PlantPRO® uses feedback from its on board real time analytics, diagnostics, measurement and verification systems to continually readjust the chiller plant for optimum performance, irrespective of which brand of chiller is installed and without the need for proprietary engineering tools.

PlantPRO’s integrated wizard programming system configures both the hardware and software to match any chiller plant. The wizard system supports up to 10 chillers in a single system.

PlantPRO® delivers a comprehensive suite of engineering tools, graphical user interfaces, reports and charting tools as well as automated maintenance reports aimed specifically at the service market. For more information:

FyreWrap – Trafalgar Products & Unifrax Australia

Trafalgar Products recently teamed up with Unifrax Australia to bring FyreWrap® (FyreWrap) to Australia. FyreWrap provides a fast, clean and easy system for the fire protection of ductwork.

The innovation of FyreWrap provides builders, mechanical engineers, contractors and certifiers with a long-awaited and attractive alternative to intrusive and messy fire spray that has been prevalent on Australian construction sites.

The increasing popularity of FyreWrap is reflected by its growing list of benefits for the mechanical trade. In addition to the recent approval for 3 hours fire protection, FyreWrap is much faster to install than conventional techniques used for the fire protection of duct work.

FyreWrap is a pioneering product that is assisting the Australian building industry move further to modular type systems, as FyreWrap’s installation is completely compatible with off site duct construction.

FyreWrap provides a thermal R value of 1.2 and has good acoustic properties resulting in a reduction of additional insulating materials. FyreWrap has exceptional health and environmental benefits such as being highly resistant to mould growth and low VOC ratings which are extremely important attributes for sensitive construction projects such as medical facilities.


Braemar 7 Star equivalent ducted gas heater – Seeley International

Seeley International is Australia’s largest heating and cooling manufacturer. Launched in March 2015, the Braemar 7 Star equivalent* ducted gas heater has the highest star rating and is the most efficient conventional ducted gas heater in the world!

The 7 star heater has shifted the paradigm of the star rating system in Australia, as the current rating system only offers a maximum of 6 stars, encouraging the Australian Gas Association (AGA) to reconsider the rating system. It represents a major breakthrough for the industry, significantly reducing energy usage and the impact on the environment. The key features include a cost saving of $577 per year and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1.99 tonnes per year compared to a 3 star ducted gas heating model.