♦ All visitors to the show must be registered and wear ID name badges – which must  be visible within the show at all times.

♦ Registered visitors can enter the show multiple times during the 3 open days.

♦ Students within the industry are encouraged to attend and must advise the registration desk of their status to obtain a student ticket.

♦ Video or still photography (including mobile phones) is not permitted within the show. These rules are strictly enforced and individuals caught taking unsolicited photography will be removed from the show.   Permission to photograph products or stands within the show can only be granted by the show Organisers.

♦ Individuals canvassing for orders or seeking business without being a registered exhibitor will be ejected from the premises immediately.

♦ The distribution or display of other placards, handbills and circulars, leaflets or other articles, except by exhibitors on their own stands, is strictly prohibited.

♦ ARBS is a trade-only event and due to the nature of the machinery and equipment on display and in the interests of safety, children under the age of 12 years are not permitted to enter the show.

♦ Prams and strollers are strongly discouraged and parents must seek permission from the Organisers before arriving at the venue.  We strongly recommend that parents attending the exhibition arrange off-site care for children before they attend.

♦ International Visitors – You may need to apply for a Business Visa depending on the country of your passport.  Details and a temporary business visa application can be accessed at the Department of Immigration.

♦ All international visitors and Visa applicants will need to contact the Australian Embassy in your country of residence for more details.  Please note that ARBS does not provide invitation letters to international visitors.

♦ No product/s may be removed from the show without a signed goods removal form obtained from the Organisers.

♦ The Organisers and their security contractors reserve the right to search large bags or cases at random.