Cyber Security and the Emergence of Smart Buildings

April 8, 2020 BY Amanda Searle

For anyone involved within smart buildings it remains vital to stay connected to key developments in the industry, especially as the evolution of technology impacts the delivery of smarter and safer buildings. Of interest to the industry will be the ARBS Speaker Series presentation: Cyber Security and the Emergence of Smart Buildings by Travis Chehab of AECOM. This presentation will discuss how critical infrastructure and operational technology are emerging as accessible and attractive targets to malicious actors and will consider threats to modern buildings from a security perspective.

These modern buildings continue to get smarter, and as they do, cybersecurity is becoming a very real challenge for those invested in protecting connected systems and the people occupying these spaces from emerging online attacks. Coupled with existing and long-standing vulnerabilities in legacy OT systems, the emergence of the unregulated Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will dramatically expand the threat landscape over the next five years.

Chehab says, ‘All stakeholders must refine how we approach smart building networks, ensuring that the levels and layers of security are addressed by design. With more buildings favouring connectivity, critical is continuing the education and dialogue from the ground up about cybersecurity and risk mitigation.’