I want to book a stand?

To register your interest in exhibiting CLICK HERE

For more information please Contact Us or phone +613 9002 4099

Where is the move in/move out information?

The schedule is available HERE to download or can be found within your Exhibitor Portal accessed via the link previously provided.  If you require forklift assistance to move your products to your stand you will need to book you move in with Gelevents.  Details are on the schedule.

Where is my Exhibitor Manual?

Your exhibitor manual was supplied to you via a link on 25th March by email or if you booked later by a separate email after booking.  The link in the email provides access to our Exhibitor Portal which allows you to access the manual and all other materials and information regarding your participation.  Contact us if you would like your link resent to you.

When will my stand be ready?

Whether you have arranged for a shell scheme stand through ARBS or a custom build with a stand builder the same access time applies for all exhibitor personnel.  Your stand will be ready for you to access from Sunday 14th August @ 12:00pm (midday).  Exhibitor personnel are not permitted in the exhibition prior to that time unless they have completed the MCEC induction and have obtained permission from the Organiser.

Who do I contact regarding furniture and stand information?

Please see your Exhibitor manual for Key contact information or CLICK HERE

Where do find custom stand build regulations and information?

You will find details in your exhibitor manual within the Exhibitor Portal. Alternatively you can access most information via the Exhibitor Services Manual or the Operations Manual from the MCEC HERE

Who do I contact regarding delivery of my goods?

Please contact the official materials handling company Geleventsvia your ARBS exhibitor manual if you require a forklift.  Please see more information in your exhibitor manual or contact the Organisers on +613 9002 4099.

How do I locate the permit forms for the MCEC venue?

Various items may require a permit form for use at the venue, items like helium balloons, naked flames, hazardous materials, hot works, display of vehicles and so on.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Where is the Exhibitor Information for the MCEC venue?

Exhibitor manuals, guidelines, order forms, fact sheets are all available HERE

More information is available via the Exhibitor Portal link sent to you previously.  If you don’t have your link please contact the Organisers on +613 9002 4099.

Who do I contact to set up internet and kiosk accounts at the MCEC venue?

The forms are available within your exhibitor portal or via Exhibitor Services at the MCEC HEREEmail MCEC Exhibitor Services for more information.

Who do I contact regarding food and beverage at the MCEC venue?

Please note that the MCEC is now cashless and you will need a card to make purchases.  Alternatively you can arrange for an Account card with the venue.
Contact Exhibitor Services on +613 9235 8110 or EMAIL

Where do I park at the venue?

Secure car parking is available and conveniently located near the venue, more details can be found HERE.

How do I access the loading dock?

See details on location and access to the loading dock HERE

Where do I send my goods to the venue?

Please check your manual in the first instance.  Goods can only be delivered by courier or a logistics company on the move in days of the exhibition prior to opening.  You must arrange for Gelevents to take delivery, unload and deliver goods to your stand on your behalf.  If you intend to deliver goods yourself you can do this once your stand is built and only during exhibitor access times.  See the item accessing the loading dock previously for more info.

What is the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre?

The ARBS 2022 Exhibitor Presentation Theatre will feature exhibitors presenting product and technology information, updates and demonstrations of products and services they represent.  Entry to the theatre is free for visitors.

Download the ARBS APP to keep up to date with any changes and additions to the presentations.

To view the timetable for the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre, the ARBS Seminar Program and IBTech@ARBS Insight Series CLICK HERE   ** Please note, timetable is subject to change.

How do I book a session in the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre?

Download the booking form HERE or find it in your Exhibitor Portal. Complete and forward to HERE

For more information please CONTACT US