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Air & Odour Solutions Aus & NZ (AOS Australia) provide a range of efficient low cost and high effective air treatment solutions for commercial kitchen exhaust systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. AOS kitchen exhaust filtration products are certified to AS 1668 and the BCA performance requirements. Our Air Filtration products are independently tested to ASHRAE standards test reports to prove. We work with consultants, architects, restaurant owners, industrial and health and health science industry.

Products & Services

We provide AS 1668 kitchen exhaust Filtration systems including: Electrostatic Air Cleaners, (2-in-1) Electrostatic Air Cleaners with UV Ozone, Ozone Generator, Activated Carbon Filtration, Wet Scrubber, Type 7 proprietary kitchen exhaust hood- Envirohood,Odour Control Systems, Remote Monitoring for ESP products and Ozone Chambers. Our Electrostatic Filtration products are modular in design and can be configured for single pass (95% efficiency) or double pass (99.9% efficiency).

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