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AP Co., Ltd. (CEO: Lim Hyungseon) is the manufacturer of the first KS-certified air circulators (Energy recovery ventilator and ventilation unit) and was founded in 2008. Based on its differentiated technologies, the company produces and markets air-conditioning and other related products in Korea.

The company operates its head office and production facilities in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. Based on thorough analysis on product demands, the company produces and markets various air conditioning products needed for the living environment including water-cooled air conditioners (fan coil unit), energy recovery ventilation units, air purifiers, ventilating air purifiers and ceiling-mounted air purifiers.

The company continues to grow based on its innovative technologies and reliable production capacity.

Products & Services

Energy recovery Ventilation Unit is a mechanical air circulating unit that uses special thermal pulp and functional corrugating medium as the heat exchanging elements.

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