Big Ass Fans

Stand 664

Our cheeky Big Ass brand originated with massive ceiling fans that​ increased comfort and productivity, while decreasing energy costs. Today, Big Ass Fans ​has expanded to include fans of all sizes, plus lighting, automation and​ more. ​O​ur ​award-winning fans provide unparalleled air movement on their own, and can also be used in conjunction with HVAC systems for ultimate cooling comfort . ​They​​ make you feel 6°C cooler​ ​and reduce your power bill by up to 30%. Stop by our stand #4118 to ​FEEL for yourself the difference Big Ass Fans can make in your space.

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Come FEEL why over 300,000 businesses around the world have turned to Big Ass Fans for their comfort needs. Our award-winning fans range from 760mm - 7.3m in diameter, meaning we have a fan for every space. Minimise ductwork and reduce construction costs - without sacrificing comfort. We hope you'll come feel for yourself the best breeze you can buy.

35 French St
Eagle Farm, Brisbane QLD 4009

P: 1300 244 277