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Visit Condair, the world’s leading humidity control specialist, to find out about the latest international trends in humidification, dehumidification and in-duct evaporative cooling. Condair offers innovative, energy efficient and hygienic solutions for datacentres, museums, hospital operating theatres, cold storage and many more applications. At ARBS 2020 Condair will introduce its new comprehensive range of commercial dehumidifiers, which uses both desiccant and condensing technologies across a broad range of capacities and options.

Products & Services

Condair offers a wide portfolio of humidifiers & dehumidifiers for HVAC applications, including evaporative pad, electric self-generating steam, high pressure spray, ultrasonic units, and now its new range of desiccant and condensing dehumidifiers.

Condair US Ultrasonic Humidifier

Using piezoelectric transducers operating at 1.7 MHz, the Condair US generates an ultra-fine (1 – 3 micron) cool mist. This mist is then distributed directly into the space using a quiet fan unit. Since, unlike steam humidifiers, no water is boiled, ultrasonic technologies offer some of the lowest energy humidification on the market, decreasing direct energy costs by 90%. Additionally, the mist cools the air slightly as it evaporates generating more potential savings. The Condair US is available in four different capacities; 3 kg/hr, 6 kg/hr, 9 kg/hr and 18 kg/hr.

Condair DA Desiccant Dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for providing dehumidification at very low temperatures or when very low humidity levels are needed. The Condair DA range can operate effectively down to -30°C and maintain an atmosphere as low as 10%RH.

A range of additional modules can be connected to the dehumidifier, providing flexible operation, enabling it to deliver air exactly as an application requires it. These include pre- or post-cooling batteries, heat exchangers and condensation modules.