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Ductus has quickly become a market leader, specialising in the distribution of innovative lightweight pre-insulated ducting solutions. Working closely with carefully selected partners, Ductus strives to facilitate an “Evolution of Air” creating a comfortable, sustainable and healthy environment resulting in the most hygienic air movement systems. Ductus, a company committed to bringing the best of air movement products to Australia has teamed up with ALP, a global innovative leader of light weight duct systems.

Ductus has grown rapidly and has quickly established itself as a committed campaigner for innovative ducting solutions, they continually strive for excellence in providing the best products the world has to offer to the Australian and New Zealand HVAC industry.

Products & Services

A Light Weight ducting Solutions- Comprising of a Pre-Insulated board with pure Aluminium facing, available in various thicknesses ensuing that it will meet all the required NCC stipulations of thermal performances. Unique in its product range and applications. A diverse and innovative product that has many uses including: - indoor/outdoor application - aesthetic and specialised round/spiral ducting - medical/clean room applications - Swimming pool applications for non corrosive application

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