Gemak Genel Sogutma San. Ve Tic A.S

Stand 782/783

Our company, located on 14,800 m2 in Gebze Plastikçiler Organized Industrial Zone has made significant investments on state of the art machinery and equipment and continues to provide its quality products and services with 400 qualified employees with the addition of new workforce for the new manufacturing facilities. Our broad vision aims continuous improvement. We expand our facilities accordingly. GEMAK has been operating since 1966 and the second stage of the construction of the plant of GEMAK in Gebze will start in the second half of this year and within two year, we will continue our production in two mega plants with a total indoor capacity of 35,000 m2.
We are very excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2016. Since we always keep our vision up-to-date, we export almost 50 % of our production to Europe, predominantly to Germany and Poland, to Russia, India, and North African countries.

Products & Services

As Gemak, we have specialised in manufacturing fin tube heat exchangers, air cooled condensers, cold room evaporators, dry coolers, air conditioning system batteries and all kinds of customer oriented (OEM) DX-CW and condenser batters.

Gemak Genel Soğutma Mak. San. ve Tic. A.Ş Adres: Gebze Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:64

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