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Our History, In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the Chevrolet - Bel Air was the latest four-wheel sensation to hit the market, Joseph Stalin died in the communist USSR and Fritz Zernike of the Netherlands won the Nobel prize for physics. It was also the same year Noel Holyoake commenced business as N.V Holyoake & Co. Established as an electrical contractor, the company purchased a small firm - Arnotts in Wellington, New Zealand to begin selling domestic oil fired central heating plants under the brand names Premi-Aire & Climate-Master and thus began the company association with the HVAC industry that continues today. The company progressed during its first 20 years to develop facilities in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Sydney, Australia handling both its heating & airconditioning appliances, and what has become its primary business - Air Distribution Equipment. In 1973, recognising the forthcoming oil crisis, the company sold its oil heating division and renamed to become Holyoake Industries Ltd. The company then concentrated on the Air Distribution Equipment market with manufacturing licenses from Titus Corporation and Ruskin Manufacturing Company of the United States providing the technology for what is today at the base of the Holyoake product range. In 1988 Holyoake Industries established its manufacturing facility at Loganhome, Queensland which is now located in the state of the art facility, built in 2002 at Yatala. In 1993 the company Achieved ISO Accreditation for its production and continues the successful model of having a localised plant facilities for each market segment. To further the companies expansion into the Australian market, Oates airconditioning, was purchased to establish the Holyoake Melbourne operation in 1998. Holyoake Industries is now the largest manufacturer of Air Distribution Equipment in the Asia Pacific Region.

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The Holyoake Group is a diverse and dynamic operation encompassing • Manufacturing • Commercial Property • Forestry • Automotive Servicing • Marine Service & parts distribution • Primary producer Founded in 1953 by Noel & Betty Holyoake, the Holyoake group remains in private ownership with a strategic board of directors. This diverse group continues to grow reflecting the founders policy to be the best people to do business with in whatever service the company provides.