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HyChill Australia is a Melbourne-based manufacturer of the full range of high performance hydrocarbon refrigerants for variety of HVACR applications, including mobile and stationary air conditioners, domestic and commercial refrigerators and freezers, cold rooms, display cabinets and many other.

HyChill refrigerant range includes R600a, R290, R436, R170, R1270, R601a and purpose-designed blends, to be used as replacements for synthetic fluorocarbon climate-damaging refrigerants.
HyChill’s refrigerants consistently deliver an array of benefits to the consumer and the environment alike. High energy efficiency and cooling performance coupled with no ozone depleting and negligible global warming impact make HyChill refrigerants ideal for use in Australia’s hot climate, where performance year-round and under all conditions is a must.

You can rely on HyChill to set new industry standards in total customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

Minus10: Pure R600a isobutane refrigerant for domestic and light commercial refrigeration Minus40: High-purity R290 propane refrigerant for domestic and commercial air-conditioning Minus50: High efficiency blend replacing synthetic gases (R22, R502, R404a, R407c) Minus60: High-efficiency blend

85a Canterbury Road
Kilsyth Victoria 3137

P: 1300 492 445

F: 03 9761 8799

W: https://hychill.com.au