Mayekawa Australia Pty Ltd

Stand 342

As part of the global Mayekawa organisation, our mission is to ensure our products contribute to food safety, taste, quality, affordability and stable supply by providing a variety of technologies that are labour efficient, add value, facilitate new product development, save energy and are environmentally friendly.
Come and see us at Stand #2117 – we welcome any enquiries you have on our range of products and services.

Products & Services

Unimo AW – air sourced hot water heat pump, capable of delivering either 65/90 deg C hot water. Also available in water source version. Ideal for standalone hot water supply to processes and pre-heating water to existing boilers. J series screw compressor – our flagship screw compressor range incorporating auto VI and refined rotor profiles. Allows for improved performance compared to our V-series. On board solenoids and suction check valves (170/220 series) makes packaging simpler & cheaper.

Unit 2 44 McCauley Street
Matraville NSW 2036

P: (02) 9695 7000

F: (02) 9695 7001


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