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Established in 1994 Monkeytoe is in the business of going over and above. Designing and installing cutting edge aluminium structures, plant platforms and screening solutions for any construction application. Our systems are trusted worldwide by architects, engineers and building owners. What's more, we have a proven track record. Everyone want a good result. We deliver everything better.

Products & Services

Monkeytoe design, manufactures and installs a complete range of aluminium mechanical structures for rooftops and industrial sites. From custom aluminium structures and plant platforms to louvre screening and acoustic barriers, our turnkey systems are lightweight, strong, durable and quick to install.


XBEAM by Monkeytoe is a key to a revolutionary lightweight configurable beam system that is part of our modular, X BEAM platform system. This system excels in rooftop mounting and other long span high load applications where typically steel ‘I Beams’ are used. Weighing in at merely 65% the weight of traditional steel, this beam is also 3x stronger, 2x faster to install and can span 10m or greater! The versatility of this beam does not stop at platforms. From spanning bridges, to aluminium structural access stairs, to portacom/container support structures, the XBEAM makes anything possible

Mechanical Plant Platforms

At 75% lighter than other structural systems, our strong yet lightweight aluminium air conditioner platforms won’t add unnecessary loads to your roof. Monkeytoe mesh and skeletal platforms are capable of supporting loads of up to 5kPa. All materials used in the construction of the roof mounts are compatible with the corresponding roofing system and roofing warranties. For a robust and cost-effective solution for mounting air handling units, our plant platforms are often paired with our premium HushMonkey acoustic screens and/or plant screen louvres to hide mechanical equipment.

Condenser Mounts

Our fully adjustable aluminium roof mounting system supports AC condenser units of up to 500kg. Boxed kitset and ready to install, our raised ac condenser mounting system uses Monkeytoe’s specialised mounting clips and fixings to ensure loads are taken down to the roof structure, not applied to the roof itself. Suitable for a variety of condenser, air conditioner, air handler and mechanical mountings, the system can be mounted on most roof types and handle loads of up to 500kg. It can also be expanded for multi-bank units, which provide a cost effective and clean appearance.

Screening Solutions

Monkeytoe screening systems include the HushMonkey acoustic barrier that can be used in conjunction with or separate to our aluminium louvres. Our HushMonkey acoustic panel is an easy-to-install sound absorbing wall system that is innovative, functional and versatile. Having undergone thorough testing we can guarantee that this system will provide the best reduction in unwanted mechanical noise emissions to the surrounding environment. The aerodynamic design of our aluminium louvres reduces wind loading and a variable louvre blade positioning allows for different aesthetics and air flow.

Stick-down Walkway

Developed for superior roof protection, our walkway systems are lightweight for minimal loads, strong for maximum spans, raised to avoid debris traps and non-penetrating to preserve the integrity of your building. Made from premium aluminium walkway structures transfer loads to the roofing structure, bearing no weight on the roofing itself. The aluminium beams span up to 3m between supports while maintaining a massive live load of 1.5Kpa/m. Instead of a clip penetrating into the roof at multiple points along the walkway, this system utilises a viscoelastic structural adhesive tape.