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Powerform Controls are an Australian owned & operated business who design, manufacture and wholesale solid state speed controllers for single phase induction motors for fan and pump applications, and a range of run on timers and current sensors. Powerform controls pride themselves on being Australian made, designed and owned with almost 50 years of experience in the motor control field, we pride ourselves on our high quality, easy to use controllers, with a strong focus on usability and technical support. Every controller is tested to ensure that they work first time, every time. Powerform’s experience and design capability is available to develop new, or modify existing products to meet all clients’ particular needs.

Products & Services

Powerform’s range of controllers vary from simple “set and forget” limiters to full speed controllers with various features, right up to complete fan management systems for multi occupancy buildings and apartments. Our range includes:


Run-On Timers

Designed to keep a load running after the switch has been turned off. The most common usage is for toilet exhaust systems. The run-on timer will start the fan running when the light switch is turned on and keep it running for a preset time after the light has been turned off.

Current Sensors

Designed to go inline with a load and switch relay contacts when the current goes over a threshold. The relay contacts can be used for anything - as an input to a run-on timer, driving a booster fan or interfacing with a BMS.

Speed Controllers

Designed for the end user to adjust the fan speed easily. They have the minimum speed preset during manufacturing, the user can then adjust the speed between that minimum and full speed, as required.

Variable Speed Drives

Used as part of a BMS for stepless control of all general resistive and inductive loads such as lamp, heating elements or transformers. They’re controlled by either a 0-10V DC or 2-20mA signal where they adjust the motor speed accordingly.


Designed for "set and forget" operation they are adjusted at commissioning and then left alone in the ceiling or switchboard. They have a simple speed adjustment which can be set using a screwdriver.