Reliable Controls

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BUILDING AUTOMATION SPECIALISTS - People and technology you can rely on.

Established in 1986, we provide simple, flexible, and sustainable controls which balance the comfort, efficiency, and greenhouse gas reductions of commercial buildings all around the world.

Our outstanding customer loyalty stems from our ability to be good listeners and to deliver practical, easy-to-use building solutions that are flexible, economical, and an excellent return on investment, year over year.

All design, development, assembly, service, and repair are housed under one roof in our head office. We steadfastly resist the trend to outsource any component of our business, and prefer instead to develop our own processes internally and retain full control of our quality.

The goal of helping people to achieve their goals begins by listening. We are service oriented and quality driven, and believe the road to the best solution is paved with open and honest dialog.

Products & Services

Come visit our interactive software and hardware building automation display. Interact with live building control systems through PC, Tablet and Phone interfaces. Enterprise Systems, Real Time Analytics, Integrated Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FlexTiles), Energy Management and Reporting.