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Resource Data Management Australia
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Resource Data Management is a world leader in advanced open building control, remote monitoring and energy management solutions. We design and manufacture over 500 hardware and software products, that are used by companies of all sizes to create customised HVACR solutions.

Products & Services

RDM provides complete enterprise management solution for various industry's providing hardware & software from our wide range of products with a 5 yr warranty. Our products work on open protocol standards (e.g. IP) though, and can interface with and manage complimentary/competing and legacy products


The control and monitoring capabilities of DMTouch are unmatched by any other system head-end within the building controls industry. It provides a central point to control and monitor HVAC, refrigeration and lighting assets within a building or site from one front-end device.  Features include both on and off-site monitoring, and the potential to integrate with existing third-party assets and infrastructure.

  • 1" multi-touch screen
  • 16GB SSD
  • Remote dial-in access, via a web browser
  • Open protocol networking
  • Temperature control and secure data logging
  • Energy-saving tools and features


ActiveFM™ is award-winning enterprise software for essential monitoring and event handling. Available in five packages, starting with straightforward data capture, incident alerts and management via a web-based dashboard, to full-service desk options, each can be customised. Optional plug-ins allow you to build a solution that specifically matches your need and budget. For the analysis of data trends, fault-finding or remote fixes, Dial-In Access facilitates a one-click connection to sites, via our web-based dashboard.

TDB Software

Programmable Logic Control software, The Data Builder (TDB) is pre-installed on Intuitive TDB and DMTouch hardware. Custom automation control strategies and applications can be easily created for any HVAC, refrigeration or lighting application, using the free to download desktop editing software.

  • Develop control strategies to match your application
  • Quick to grasp and easy to use
  • Free macOS and PC desktop editing software
  • Share applications between multiple devices
  • Built-in simulation feature for testing and fault-finding

Intuitive TDB

Intuitive TDB Controllers are pre-loaded with programmable logic control software, The Data Builder, provides you with the capability to create automated control programs with ease. TDB Controllers present over 600 points from one device. Benefits include open protocol communications and remote dial-in access from any web browser.

  • Lifetime PLC software license
  • Free PLC desktop software, for PC and Mac
  • Expand to control over 600 points
  • Remote access via a web browser
  • IP networking via XML, Web Services & BACnet
  • Optional two-way third-party networking
  • Password protected programmes

Mini TBD

A compact alternative to the Intuitive TDB, the Mini build option retains many of the features found within the PR0650 TDB. It presents cost and space-saving advantages, perfect for small format applications. A programmable logic control software that is easy to use.

  • Lifetime PLC software license
  • Free PLC desktop software, for PC and Mac
  • Expand to control over 580 points
  • Remote access via a web browser
  • IP networking via XML, WebServices & BACnet
  • Optional two-way third-party networking
  • Compact footprint
  • Password protected programmes
  • Optional relay fusing, colour display and SSR


Investing an extensive amount of time and resource, we carefully considered all of the technologies available, after which, Bluetooth 5, specifically Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), was selected. BLE can allow devices to run on battery power for up to five years. This may not be an option for phone calls or vast data downloads but is optimal for applications which only require periodic data transmission. This minimal data consumption is a result of Bluetooth Low Energy's ability to operate in 'sleep mode' until a connection is established. Once this connection is established, typically in only a few mS, data rates can then reach 1 Mb/s.