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Sauermann & Kimo
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The SAUERMANN Group is a manufacturer of condensate management solutions and measurement instruments for indoor air quality,. Our products are synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. For 40 years the Sauermann Group has designed, manufactured and sold product and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets. Now in 90 countries across Europe, Asia, Pacific, North and South America the group provides responsive sales, service and support. We engage and understand what our clients need and with tehse insights inform our product engineering from initial design to market delivery. We operate two key brands; 1) SAUERMANN for condensate removal pumps, accessories and solution kits 2) KIMO for instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters Established in 1976 the group has a global presence with 20 sites including 3 production plants. They have over 50 engineers in R & D that are continuously developing technological advancement in electronics, hydraulics and plastic processing and firmware.

Products & Services

CONDENSATE PUMPS - the range consists a variety of models and technology, allowing the correct selection and application, ensuring high performance, reliability and longer life. The products are designed and developed in house with patented technology aimed at benefiting the installer and end user INSTRUMENTATION - including wireless manifolds, data loggers and handheld devices. Measuring parameters inc temperature, humidity, pressure, airflow, air quality, air velocity, gas analysis, sound