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Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges - 200 kW through 8150 kW in water cooled, 200 kW through 1800 kW in air cooled and 200kW through 1320kW in evaporatively cooled.

The worldwide operations of the Smardt Chiller Group offer a greater depth of technical support and greater experience than anyone else in the world with oil-free centrifugal technology and its successful delivery of lifetime energy cost savings.

Products & Services

V-Class 'Pony Express' Water Cooled Chiller WB Series 'Split Vessel' Water Cooled Chiller Indirect Evaporative (IDE) Free Cooling Module AE Series Air Cooled Chiller with High Lift Danfoss Turbocor Compressor

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