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At Testo we are always looking for innovative solutions in order to provide our customers with state of the art ground breaking instruments.

Testo is synonym for quality and is widely used in the following industries, HVAC&R, Food, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Preventative maintenance, Emission & Environment Monitoring.

Professional measurement systems

Our digital measuring instruments are designed with user friendly features which guarantees to enhance customer experience and productivity.

Get started now and set standards in terms of accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness with Testo’s digital measuring instruments and measurement systems.

Products & Services

HVAC/R is a complex and varied field with significant technical demands. Energy consumption, high levels of operating safety and refrigerant leakage should be monitored, whilst at the same time the air conditioning and ventilation of single rooms must be individually optimised. Testo offers measurement technology to address each of these requirements, With 60 Years of experience delivering practical and efficient measurement solutions.

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