Stand 680/682

Tesuco Pty Ltd is a privately owned, well established Australian company supplying our customers nationally and throughout the Pacific region. Tesuco supplies a wide range of gas equipment to the HVAC-R, industrial, scientific, medical and beverage markets. The range includes equipment for air-propane, HVAC-R, laser, manifold and pipeline systems and gas welding, cutting and heating.

Products & Services

Tesuco will display a large range of HVAC-R related products including the TurboSet 200 – Australia’s most widely used and fully compliant portable brazing kit available. It is Australia's #1 selling portable brazing kit. Other products include a 6,000 kPa nitrogen regulator, purge kits, LeakXpose detection gas and gas welding and brazing kits.

Unit 12, 110-120 Silverwater Road

P: +61 2 97379937

W: http://www.tesuco.com.au