Yanmar Energy Australia

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Yanmar Energy Australia
Unit 1, 1-3 Exell St
Banksmeadow NSW 2019

P: 1800 052 464

W: http://www.yanmarenergy.com.au

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Exhibitor Details

Yanmar is a 100 year old Japanese company that has been producing Gas Powered VRF Air Conditioning for over 25 years. Yanmar has over 200,000 systems operating in Japan and is the market leader, holding a 35% share of the gas powered market. Yanmar Energy Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian Distributor, wholesaling to the air conditioning industry. Yanmar Energy Australia has its own accredited technical staff in Australia who have been trained at the Yanmar Training Centre in Japan. Yanmar have engineered their gas powered units to operate at exceptionally low noise levels. The gas engines are spark ignition reciprocating engines (similar to small car engines), so they are readily serviceable by a suitably qualified mechanic. The gas engines require a service every 10,000 hours (around 5 years for an office building). This is similar to a car service i.e. change the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air cleaner element, top up coolant etc. The first Australian installations were done in 2007 and many of these customers have since installed additional Yanmar systems.

Products & Services

Yanmar Gas Heat Pumps from 14 to 85 kW, Heat Recovery 56 & 85kW. 71kW heat pump and hot water recovery chillers. Micro Cogeneneration to 25 kW. Natural Gas and LPG systems available. Energy Monitoring and Bill Proportioning options.