HVAC Disruption

July 16, 2019 BY Amanda Searle



The HVAC industry has enormous potential for global disruption if you consider that heating and cooling is estimated to account for 60 percent of global energy consumption. Add the tightening of greenhouse gas emissions and the drive towards meeting sustainable goals, there is the opportunity for the industry to push buildings to achieve net zero energy consumption and beyond, whilst disrupting the status quo.

The use of intelligent building management software and efficient technologies continues to optimise the way a building consumes energy. However, just optimising technology won’t lead to disruption, to achieve this we need to make existing technology obsolete.

ARBS 2020 is excited to once again present IBTech@ARBS, a platform for industry leaders who continue to pave the way towards this future, researching the technology which will deliver the disruptive gains and innovation to the industry.