IBS31: iHUB Smart Buildings Data Clearing House - Latest Developments (IBTech)

Accurate and detailed building data is needed to properly manage energy use and improve building operations and maintenance. However, access to such data is limited by a lack of open standards and trusted processes for the linking and sharing of diverse data sets. Opportunities from new IoT sensors and other value-add data streams for smart buildings need to be integrated to create truly smart buildings.

iHub aims to curate the Australian Smart Buildings Data Clearing House, a single location for accessing a wide range of linked building and energy data. It aims to increase the quality and value of data sets and empower Australian businesses to develop new smart building services such as data analytics, fault detection, predictive maintenance, demand response optimal control, energy dashboards, comfort visualisation and occupant experience applications.

This linked data, combined with value added services of iHub member companies will be used by building owners, property managers and service contractors to save energy, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and inform policy.

The presentation will include the latest developments in the AIRAH / CSIRO iHUB Smart Building Data Clearing House project and a live demonstration of real-world data ingestion and federation from multiple commercial buildings and systems (BIM, BMS, submetering, solar PV, Battery Storage, BOM weather data). Use of the latest building information schemas (BIM/IFC, BRICK and Haystack) will show how open data standards and linked data can be used to facilitate smart building services and applications.

BOOK NOW – Cost FREE (you must book) – Wednesday 20th May 2020 @ 3:00 pm


Dr Josh Wall, Research Leader – Intelligent Building Controls & Grids & Energy Efficiency Systems research programme, CSIRO

Dr Josh Wall is a senior research scientist and research project leader in Smart Buildings looking at intelligent controls, building monitoring and big data analytics using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as part of the CSIRO Grids & Energy Efficiency Systems research program. Dr Wall is the technical lead on the iHUB Smart Buildings Data Clearing House and is a co-inventor on 2 patents within the smart building controls domain.






Mr Chris Sharman, Principal Engineer, CSIRO

Chris Sharman is a principal engineer within CSIRO’s Data61 Cyber-Physical Systems program, with 15-years experience developing IoT devices and data analytics platforms. Working across several application domains including agriculture, aquaculture, marine monitoring and smart buildings, Chris has most recently focused on developing cloud-based solutions for integrating IoT and spatial data with scientific analysis.  Along with a number of application projects, Chris has led the development of the Senaps data platform which is being deployed as a foundation technology across numerous projects where complex scientific data analysis is required to be integrated into real-time data applications including IoT and other sensing systems.





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