IBS38: Digital Facilities Management: How to Increase Profitability Using Building Data (IBTech)

The Internet of Things (IoT) explosion has created both opportunity and confusion for building owners and operators. How do we cut through the noise to choose the right technologies for our unique business needs? In this session you’ll learn how to advance your career AND your company by monetising the wealth of data buildings generate. Understand how to implement Digital Facilities Management to increase profitability and capture actionable insights that foster tenant satisfaction, energy efficiency, maintenance savings, increased valuation and streamlined operations.

This session will outline how to;

  1. Design and implement a scalable digital facilities management program
  2. Regain data ownership and achieve portfolio-wide performance visibility
  3. Make data-driven decisions to optimise operations and hold vendors accountable
  4. Demonstrate ROI and generate savings to reinvest in smart building program advancement

BOOK NOW – Cost $25.00 – Thursday 21st May 2020 @ 10:00 am

Shane McIntosh, APAC Strategic Partner Manager, Switch Automation

Shane McIntosh has over 40 years of experience in the buildings industry spanning control, data communications and electrical manufacturing in local and global markets. In his current role as the APAC Strategic Partner Manager for Switch Automation he helps enterprises plan, launch and grow ROI-driven smart building programs.

Shane has been an active committee member of the Facilities Manager Association (FMA) of Australia for the past 10 years and currently serves as Chairperson of the NSW Committee. He is a member of both FMA’s National Digital Information and Technology and Diversity Portfolio Advisory Groups.



Note: The seminar program may be subject to change. If you have registered for this seminar any topic, presenter, timetable or price changes will be communicated as soon as possible prior to the event.