IBS42: Maintenance by Machine - Driving maintenance efficiencies with product integrated control and analytics (IBTech)

Whilst the benefits of collaboration between analytics service providers and HVAC maintenance providers though reduction in frequency-based maintenance are still being realised, there is further opportunity for stakeholders to better optimise the frequency-based maintenance that humans complete. In the industry, there is still a gap between current best practice and ‘the holy grail’ of true integration.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to understand how technology of networked controls and analytics systems that exist in our industry work together and the underlying value within this approach.  This will be achieved through illustrating to participants how the movement toward networked solutions involves the integration of hardware (such as sensors) alongside controls and analytics platforms at a factory level, thus delivering to site a true IoT device.

This approach is designed to mimic the human ability to look at and listen to the equipment, allowing the machine to perform preventative maintenance on itself.

A technical overview will illustrate how the machine will send a ‘maintenance service report’ at a predetermined frequency to ensure ‘maintenance’ continues to be documented and compliance with standards is maintained. This shows how maintenance is still being completed on a frequency basis through networked equipment that is effectively performing its own maintenance on itself whilst documenting performance/capturing logs. This will be compared to (the existing practices of) a human collecting and documenting this data.

Participants will also learn about embedded algorithms, and how they will be basic in nature, primarily due to the multitude of sensors fitted as opposed to needing complex algorithms to attempt to virtually sense something via a couple of BMS sensors.

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Presenter: Jason Harrison, Branch Manager NSW, Airmaster

Jason Harrison commenced his HVAC career at Honeywell as a 17-year-old. Since then he has held a number of technical and corporate roles, culminating in his current role as Branch Manager of NSW for Airmaster, where he was appointed in August 2016 at the age of just 26. Jason was named Best Young Achiever at the 2018 ARBS Industry Awards and received the Young Energy Efficiency Professional award from the Energy Efficiency Council in 2017.





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