National Energy Performance Strategy

April 17, 2024 BY ARBS

The Australian Government has just unveiled its National Energy Performance Strategy, injecting new vitality into the nation’s pursuit of sustainability and energy efficiency. A critical component of this strategy is the allocation of $15.2 million in funding until 2026, specifically aimed at developing and implementing the strategy’s ambitious goals. Within this broad framework, the Industrial Energy Tools emerge as a key resource for the HVAC&R and building services industries, offering a pathway to significantly enhance energy performance.


Industrial Energy Tools:

The Industrial Energy Tools are designed to help businesses within the HVAC&R and building services sectors identify and act on energy efficiency opportunities. By providing a detailed assessment of current energy practices and equipment usage, these tools offer:

  • Tailored recommendations for improving energy management and operational efficiency.
  • Strategies for optimising equipment and maintenance plans.
  • Advice on selecting energy-efficient upgrades and researching provider rates for cost savings.


Immediate Opportunities:

For the HVAC&R sector, the strategy and its tools focus on immediate and impactful changes:

  • Refrigeration System Energy Tool: Optimises ammonia refrigeration systems, crucial for energy savings in this energy-intensive industry.
  • Boiler and Compressed Air Energy Tools: Identify efficiencies in boiler and compressed air systems, pivotal for maintaining operational efficiency and building comfort.


Future Outlook:

While tailored for the HVAC&R and building services, the strategy’s tools also offer insights for broader industry applications, from food and beverage manufacturing to industrial drying processes. This inclusivity underscores the strategy’s potential to foster comprehensive energy efficiency improvements across various sectors.

For industries like HVAC&R and building services, this not only means potential cost savings but also aligns with a greater commitment to sustainable practices. As businesses begin to leverage these tools, the strategy promises to lead Australia toward a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly future.

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ARBS 2024: Uniting Industry Leaders in Energy Efficiency and Innovation:


ARBS 2024, Australia’s largest showcase of the latest HVAC&R and building services energy-efficient solutions and products, perfectly complements the newly unveiled National Energy Performance Strategy. As the premier event for the industry, ARBS 2024 provides an educational platform for visitors to explore the most effective solutions in the market for achieving energy efficiency.


In addition to the exhibition, ARBS 2024 offers a comprehensive seminar program with sessions on sustainability and energy efficiency, equipping professionals with knowledge and tools to drive industry advancements, including:


Selling Energy Efficiency in a Carbon Neutral World

Speaker: Dr. Simon Bradwell, Managing Director, EBM-Papst

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM


Optimising Building Performance: Enhancing Indoor Air Quality AND Energy Efficiency through Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Speaker: Jonathan Bunge, Managing Director, Camfil Australia

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Energy Efficiency Incentives for HVAC Upgrades

Speaker: Adam Bertino, General Manager – Commercial, National Carbon Bank of Australia

Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM