Outlook: by Ian Hopkins, ARBS Chairman

December 6, 2019 BY Amanda Searle

We are excited to bring this new segment to Connect from ARBS Chairman, Mr Ian Hopkins. With over 40 years of industry experience, including roles of CEO and Chairman of Norman Disney Young, Ian will delve into the hot topics in HVAC&R and building services via a series of question and answer articles.  Our first article follows:

How should this industry attract new people into it?

The major points of attraction of any industry is the potential for fulfilling work coupled with career advancement for the participants. It is important that the industry projects this message of opportunity to the community at large and particularly through the school system.

As a collective we must provide continued support to the various components of the industry to ensure we recruit and retain talented individuals. The ARBS Foundation is one initiative that aims to achieve this by identifying industry training needs and research initiatives, thus contributing to the continuing vibrancy of the HVAC&R and building services industry.

Read more about the ARBS Foundation here: https://arbsfoundation.com.au