PD40: VR & AR - The Changing face of HVAC&R training

Immersive, virtual reality training is changing the face of training for the next generation of HVAC&R workers. As buildings become more technologically advanced, they require highly trained workers to design, install and maintain HVAC&R systems. Simulated learning environments that replicate real world buildings and workplaces allow for hands-on training and practical experience. This session highlights the cutting-edge technology that is being made available to students in a selection of training facilities throughout Australia.

BOOK NOW – Cost FREE ( you must book) – Thursday 21st May 2020 @ 10:30 am

Presenter: Steve Smith, Product Manager – Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Energy Supply and Transmission, IEC Skillspoint, TAFE NSW

Stephen Smith is a respected Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technician with 35 years teaching experience in HVAC&R courses with TAFE NSW.

He is the assistant chairman of the National RAC teachers Alliance and a committed member of the RAC Technical Advisory Committee to the federal government.

Steve currently holds the position of Product Manager – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and is responsible for the course content delivered and assessed across the 10 TAFE NSW colleges that deliver training in this industry.



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