10:00 – 10:30 – Shepherd Filters

Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters.  An option for dealing with kitchen exhaust grease
Jeremy Kronk, Managing Director

Shepherd Filters is a new solution to your kitchen grease problem. Stopping up to 98% of grease at the filter and reducing grease from entering your kitchen exhaust system, reducing costs and the risk of a fire. Easy to use disposable grease filters are made from 100% Australian wool, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Easily installed in seconds using the filter media as a visual indication. Shepherd filters meets the Australian standards, is UL1046 flame tested and HACCP food safety approved. No more second guessing. Protect your business and reduce your risk of fire today!

11:00 – 11:30pm – Pacific HVAC Engineering

Revit Plug-In
Rachael Sparnon-Freeman,  Business Development Manager

The presentation will showcase the Pacific HVAC Engineering Revit Plug-In, created in response to the expanding use of Revit as a drafting tool.  The Revit Plug-In streamlines the job of adding HVAC equipment to Revit drawings, saving time and eliminating the possibility of data transposition errors.  The tool ensures that all stakeholders from consultants, to mechanical contractors, to facility managers will have access to accurate information instantly.

12:00 – 12:30pm – Danfoss Drives

The HVAC variable speed drive journey, what innovations will the next 
50 years bring
Josh Paikada, Strategic Development Manager – HVAC

The worlds first commercially produced variable speed drive was launched by Danfoss in 1968, the VLT5 quickly led to other milestones and Danfoss released the first Dedicated HVAC drive to the market some years after. 50 years on and the best just got better. With energy saving features and inbuilt Nabers compliance we are taking a leading role in reducing the environmental energy impact by HVAC systems while providing an improved comfort level for tenants and residents. During our 30 minute segment we’ll take delegates through the HVAC variable speed drive journey and look ahead to what the next 50 years may bring.

 1:00 – 1:30pm – Daikin Australia

Airflow Analysis on HVAC Plant
Gary Knox, Engineering Manager

CFD analysis can simulate parameters such as air temperature, air velocity and air pressure profiles around mechanical plant, in particular air-cooled condensers. The resulting analyses can identify potential problems in equipment capacity and performance caused by exceeding recommended levels in any of these parameters. Find out how this analysis is performed, scope of analysis, recommended equipment layouts and example of output results. This session will be of particular interest to those involved in design of mechanical services projects, which may include equipment enclosures, plant areas where there is a variety of air-discharging equipment and multi-storey developments such as floor-on-floor plant rooms or rooftop plant.

2:00 – 2:30pm – Veolia Energy Technical Services / Trane

Refrigerant Phase Down + EcoWise Chillers & Chilled Water Systems
Paul Goodison, National Sales Manager

As a global leader in environmental solutions, we work closely with all aspects of local government and some of Australia’s largest industrial and commercial companies to help them reach their sustainability goals; providing them with large-scale innovative water, energy and waste solutions. We aim to replicate natural systems to solve man-made problems. As a part of Veolia’s capability in energy, the company is a licensed and authorised distributor of Trane heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions, and Trend building energy management systems.


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