SM11: Seismic Restraint of HVAC explained

Part B1 Structural Provisions of the National Construction Code of Australia calls up AS1170.4 without exception, therefore including Section 8 Parts & Components which can apply to restraint of Building Services.

This presentation covers –

Why are restraints required?

When does Section 8 apply to a building?

What do the exemptions listed apply to?

Who can design the restraints?

What supporting documentation can be expected?

BOOK NOW – Cost $25.00 – Tuesday 19th May 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Presenter: Jordan Bartlett, National Specification Manager, Eurofast

Jordan is National Specification Manager at Eurofast Seismic & Prefab with 6 years’ experience in Seismic Design requirements, and 15 years’ in construction risk assessment.





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