SM15: Building services evolution by natural selection driven by real world data – a Darwinian model?

Whilst there remain challenges in taking ‘BIM to FM’ there are useful digital information feeds starting to flow from design and construction into the operational and maintenance of buildings.  Methodologies for ‘identifying, tagging and dragging’ the information of value into facility and building life cycle management from BIM models and the various disparate data sets in design and construction, are emerging. As are approaches for effective and easy structuring and linking of these flows to the rapidly improving facility and asset management platforms that are already starting to use AI analytics methodologies.

The establishment of practical and enduring asset benchmarking and conditioning monitoring frameworks are essential to enable these platforms to provide high value insights for delivering high performing building services assets, better building environments, lower life cycle costs and reduced environmental impacts.

These insights are also starting to influence building services design and component selection.

Data is becoming a continuous system ‘deliverable’, we are moving away from the audit paradigm to a Darwinian model – system evolution by natural selection driven by real world data.

This presentation describes these emerging frameworks and methodologies, offers case study examples to showcase how this is rolling out now, how the technology is converging, and beginning to influence how we think about designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the building services systems in our built environment.

BOOK NOW – Cost $25.00 – Tuesday 19th May 2020 @ 3:30 pm

Presenter: Andrew Smith, Leader, Building Technologies, AG Coombs

Andrew Smith is an Automation Specialist Engineer with 30 years’ experience in commercial and industrial automation and controls. His extensive experience with outcome-based Building Controls and knowledge of building systems operation and maintenance provides a strong platform for optimising building systems.





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